Notifi is the leading proactive and interactive customer communications platform designed specifically for utilities, with standard interfaces to utility back-end systems. With automated outbound event processing and preference management for customers, Notifi delivers the information your customers want, the way they want to receive it.

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Notifi provides a preference management portal with proactive and interactive alerts available on multiple communication channels.

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iFactor Notifi Automated Event and Message Processing

Automated Event and Message Processing

Notifi integrates with utility back-end systems such as the OMS, CIS, and DRMS to identify “events of interest” to customers, such as outages, bills, or usage thresholds. The Notifi alert engines then assemble these events with standard message templates to deliver alerts to customers. Notifi also includes SmartFlow™ conversation templates to enable automated two-way conversations that allow your customers to request and receive information from your back-end systems on demand.

iFactor Notifi Online Preference Management

Online Preference Management

The Notifi preference management portal supports communication by text message, automated voice message, email, and in-app alert (for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices). Through integration with your back-end systems, the Notifi preference database ensures that your customers’ communication preferences are kept up-to-date throughout your organization, while your customers manage all of their contacts and subscriptions from a single website.

iFactor Notify Standard Alert Programs

Standard Alert Programs

Notifi includes alert programs for the most common types of utility communications, with the option to customize message templates to meet your specific needs. Standard alert programs include outage communications, billing, payment, energy usage notifications, and ad hoc communications such as planned outage announcements or severe weather alerts. Because the Notifi platform is modular, you can start by picking the alert programs you need most and easily add new alert programs in the future.

iFactor Notifi is Secure and Scalable

Secure and Scalable Implementation

The Notifi preference database and alert engines are powered by cloud computing to provide on-demand scalability, with ultra-secure encryption to ensure that your customers’ personal information is kept secure.